Yes you can get that jean bleed out of your favorite shirt (or hoodie) (or literally anything else you love)

Putting it out into the universe: Oxi Clean will sponser me one day becuase I stan a mircle product. Oxi Clean passed the stress test. I should have known better, why must I be so reckless in the laundry room? I decided that putting all my clothes into one big load would be no big […]

The great pizza debate : To pineapple or to not pineapple?

I am sick…just SICK thinking about that sweet ass pineapple atop my beautifully cheesed, lightly sauced pizza. Yes you are also an animal if you get EXTRA sauce. Im calling 911 immeadiatly you pyscopath. There is no circumstance that I can think of in which these tropical fruits would ever blend with cheesy sauced bread. […]