About Me

I was going to say something about “keeping it simple” but who was I kidding? This is me we’re talking about. As you may already know, my name is Christine Marie Castillo and I created Minimally Stressed becuase 1) I’m stressed 95% of the time over literally nothing and writing to get it off my chest feels good and 2) I knew that the typical life of graduate, go to college get a part time job then graduate again to go into a corporate job that I’ll hate becuase I report to someone else and then I have to wake up at 8am everyday to go to a place I hate and oh my gosh that sounds so sad (for me personally) and I could not let that happen. I have always felt like my life was meant for something bigger than what it is now, I’m meant to share things with others, to teach and learn. I made this blog becuase I feel a sense of joy when I write, like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Minimally Stressed is a place that I feel will help me become the person I want to be and allow me to live the life I have always dremed of. You are a huge part of this too, I couldn’ t be more thankful for all the support I have from friends and family who believe in my dreams just as much as I do. This blog is about so much more than myself and what crazy things go on in my head everyday, it’s about dreams and taking action on them. Don’t let your dream stay a dream, I know I couldn’t and that’s why I’m here.