why I hated working in hospitality


Lets be clear: Its not the actual place’s fault, I simply realized my high dislike for hospitality (what they specialized in) as I worked there

I have never felt such a dislike for someone who has not done anything but told me to go do something that is clearly in my job description. I mean you know those moments when you were about to do something and then someone ask you to do that exact thing and now you suddenly don’t want to do that thing that you were about to do anyway? That was my work day everyday. There was just something about someone who I don’t even know that that telling me to do this and that. I mean it’s not like I ahd a gun to my head that told me I had to work there, I was there voluntarily and they’re just gonna come and start ordering me around? Absolutely not.

I know there are people who don’t have jobs and I was one of the lucky ones to snag one, but when what you are supposed to be doing is what you quickly realized you hate? yeah it can get kind of soul sucking. I would be in a great fine and dandy mood but As soon as I knew I had to go to work it would plummet. being there truly drained my spirit. I would have rather been home not making money then in that place hating every minute making minimum wage.

Imagine having to chant about how great you were going to make people feel before every one of your shifts…

Where I worked, there was an EXTREMLY heavy emphasis on “how we make someone feel” and I get it, when I go somewhere I want the staff to make me feel welcome and happy, but from someone who was happy to make you happy. I on the other hand made a terrible employee because I hated serving others. I know it sounds bad and I have no problem doing people favors but you know..serving people, getting them things whenever they ask at all times until they leave, checking in on them yadda yadda yadda got suuuper boring after like a week straight. I was being paid to do it yes but I said It once and I’ll say it again. When you do something you are not passionate about or even someone you at least like or enjoy…shit gets BORING. I despised my own daily task, even the simple ones, even the one that said I should be in the building during my shift.. yeah that one was the worst.

At the end of the day Im glad to have had the opportunity to learn more about things that I really do not want to do with my life. You never know until you try it out right? And I left that place with emense gratitude and respect for servers and people in the service industry. I will from this day forward be a good tipper and for that..I am proud.