Why don’t I know how to shop


If there is one thing in this world that I have sucked at all my life, it’s shopping. I am the worst shopper alive. I buy, buy, buy and take a look at my closet saying what every girl has said a million times before “I have nothing to wear”. I literally can not wrap my head around the fact that I can buy all this clothes and still not have anything to wear. Im so over it that I have decided I will no longer shop until I have someone who knows what they are doing to help me.

Im pretty sure my first mistake is shopping without purpose, isn’t that what they always say? “you need to shop with purpose” and “don’t buy anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your wardrobe”. Those two things are exactly what I don’t do everytime I go buy things. It’s a disease. I have never needed more professional help than right now. I almost always hate what I leave my house dressed in and theres nothing worse than not feeling confident in what your wearing.

Let me go ahead and make the situation even worse, I am a chronic purger and organizer so I am constantly looking for stuff to get rid of or reorganize. I have gotten rid of so much junk in my own possession that I itch for things to reorganize in other’s lives because I have nothing left of my own to do. So I’m almost always literally without clothes to wear becuase I just cant help myself from getting rid of stuff I don’t like or just isn’t “my style”. Im stuck in a viscious cycle and I cannot get off for the life of me, but! This year I will. I am willing it so it shall be done. 2019 is the year of breaking old habits and this is one that has got to GO.

the only thing worse than a capsule wardrobe is an unintentional capsule wardrobe. This is what I feel like my wardrobe looks like at this point

I somehow was born of a mother who can put an outfit together with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. She basically shops for entire outfits at a time and at this point Im ready to try her method. She basically picks an outfit she sees and replicates the whole thing head to toe as closely as she can but its not like she just replicates a look, she puts her own spin on it by changing a couple things she may not like or be able to find and it’s somehow very “her”. This is black magic to me becuase In my head I need an entire team of people to pull me together.

Long story short, I need to really hone in on what is truly my own unique style. Im leaning towards that netural almost granny modest look but I should find a mix between that and a 20 year old.

please feel free to send help…I need some