A May Playlist



This month I’m focusing only on songs from a colors show on youtube. They have so many artist that may not be hosehold names but I swear this is where the real raw talent of the music industry is at. If I had my own record label I would want to sign all these people on it to show the world what natural talent really is.

My favorite 5 Colors songs

  • Leftovers- Dennis Lloyd
  • It Runs Through Me- Tom Misch
  • Navajo- Masego
  • Wasn’t Looking- Eliza
  • Until Morning- James Vickery

I wish you could feel the excitement I feel when I listen to these songs becuase HOW HAVE THESE PEOPLE NOT MADE IT TO THE WORLDWIDE CHARTS. These videos do have millions of views but I want to hear this stuff on the radio, these are the people I want to see running the music industry world becuase this is real talent, not whatever people are doing now a days which is just talking over a beat and calling it music. These people can SING and they play instruments like most musically inclined people do. Im just so over the nonsense music that I hear everywhere.

I want to wrap myself up in this music all day and when poeple ask me what kind of music I listen to I don’t even bother trying to explain becuase most people want a quick answer, they want to hear some name they already know and then end of conversation. If I can tell someone is actually interested in the topic, I’ll tell them all about the music I like to listen to which is this, a mix of everything, genre doesn’t matter when the music is good. I mean why limit yourself to “pop” or “R&B”.

This playlist doesn’t only have songs from colors, but trust me they are also magical pieces of work.