Simple ways to clean naturally


I think about all the natural cleaning products I will get to binge buy when I move, but then I see there are quite a few brands that claim to be “natural” and still work well. I made my mom switch to more natural household products a little while ago and we have been thorugh a few items that are amazing and a few that completely dropped the ball. These are my favorite products that I use becuase they actually work, smell delicious and contain very natural ingredients.

If you use essential oils then you know what pure lavander smells like, and this detergent has a light hint of it, with a clear list of the ingredients I felt good about using this soap and understanding what was actually inside of it.

I recently discovered this product from my sister and oh my goodness I will literally never buy another brand of body wash again. My sister makes homemade face scrubs with sugar, essential oils, and actual crushed up rose petals and when I tell you this smells exactly like those scrubs I am not lying. This particuar scent is a dream, It also has a list of ingredients that I don’t have to second guess.

100% Recycled Toilet Paper $2.99-10.99

A couple of concerns came up when I played with the idea of switching to recycled toilet paper. First of all, my mom likes to buy the biggest pack they have of toilet paper, and they usually make things like this in smaller packages so that alone might eliminate my argument. Luckliy target carries this product in 4-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack. I worried that this might be way too thin, and not good quality paper all around, Toilet paper is a tricky buy and getting the wrong one can really ruin your bathroom experiance. Thank you Target for whoever was in charge of creating these products, because this paper is not only the perfect thickness but also very strong. It even makes you cut down on how much you use.

Can you tell we have a thing for lavender? Seventh Generation is our go to brand for clean natural products becuase of how transparant they are with the list of ingredients, honestly I really get a kick out of seeing things like that. This soap not only smells great but works just as well as the average dish soap, but now you can feel better about the stuff actually touching your skin and the plate that you eat off of. If there is one quick switch you should try first its this one. It may not seem significant but when you realize that you are cleaning what you eat off with toxic chemicals you might find yourself running the this soap.

My mom is the main reason why I got so into natural products and being more aware of what goes on my body, although I might have taken it to a more microscopic level becuase of my love for the planet and our enviorment. I know people all over the world mothers or not can relate to wanting things that are non-toxic and good for them.

Seventh generation is obviously not the only brand with great natural products, make sure to do your research and throughouly examine the label before you begin using something just becuase it says “natural” on the front.