A gift from above: The Container Store


OOOOOOO my goodness. If there is one place that I constantly daydream about, it’s the container store. I think about how when it’s finally time for me to move out I will go into this store, grab a cart (or two), The home edit organizing book in hand and very patiently walk through each and every aisle, organizing room by room.

I know I’m not alone when I say I would much rather be at the container store than any Disney park. When I got my first job I truly discovered this gem of a store. I knew about this place but never been inside or looked into it, to be Honest I thought all they sold was food tubberware. But oh was I very pleasently surprised. I already had a chronic urge to purge all the time, I loved getting rid of old clothes and pulling everything out of my drawers just to reorganize them. Unfortunatley that caused me to have less than a capsule sized wardrobe becuase I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to shop for myself.

You know when you exercise and your body releases endorphins? Well my body releases them when they see a space go from messy to perfectly organized. I have pinned my life away with pantrys, under bathroom sinks, and closet drawers. Im a 40 year old in a 20 year old body I mean I could not care less about going to the club but give me a couple hours to organize and I will have a BALL.

Please please just try one drawer in your dresser, kitchen or under your bathroom sink becuase Im pretty sure at least one of those places need some help. I promise It will change your life for the better, there is nothing more relaxing than knowing exactly where something is going to be. kiss your days of rumaging through mountains of clothes goodbye.

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