Binge watching all 8 seasons of game of thrones


My back hurts, My eyes hurt and most importantly, My heart hurts. I have spent the past two weeks binge watching this TV show all in efforts to watch the series finale with everyone else as it airs.

Personally I think waiting this long to watch it all was smart on my part. I didn’t have to wait a year inbetween seasons, and knowing me I would have lost interest and then been pissed when something crazy happens so I’d just have to go alll the way back to where I left off, hope I remembered what happend and catch up. That’s too complicated so I waited, and my moment has finally come.

Season 1: On day one shit started to hit the fan and honestly it’s been a stab in the heart every season on. Ned didn’t have to be done like that and sansa sounds dumb trying to get with joffrey. Dany is a bad ass in training and Cersi and Jamie’s lil incest thing puts bile in my throat.

Season 2: I feel like everyone is on edge this entire season with god of light worshipping, stannis being annoying and an island dedicated to torturing people? oooook

Season 3: Lil Jon Snow is in loooove. And Robb is looking real nice with his medic bride. Tyrion is forced to marry poor little Sansa, Margary is a sneaky snake that I am always suspicious of and honestly I started feeling bad for theon this season becuase boiiiii Ramsay and Joffrey are two peas in a pod. Also, The red wedding was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.

Season 4: I kinda want my own dragons? That feels like a good power move. Thank everyone who had a part in Joffrey’s death becuase it was glorious. that is all

Season 5: Is wearing dead peoples faces not weird to anyone else? Although it is rather convenient. Just as I predicted Margaery is sneaky, Littlefinger is giving pedo vibes and Cersi kinda deserved that shame walk. What is with the cults though? One in Kings Landing and another trying to kill everyone in Meereen. Ugh

Season 6: Tyrion is a master survivor. Ramsay Finally got what he deserved and I’m still confused about the whole children of the forest thing but I’m going to let it slide. Also Tommond is kind of a vagina.

Season 7: This Finale is one of the best, they built the suspense, set the mood and really took us for a loop when tommond jumped out of that window but dammit now Cersi has the throne and thats not healthy for anyone. Finally Dany is in Westeros but I don’t think its going to be her forte

Season 8: Things are noooottttt looking good bro. Dany lost not one but TWO dragons and I was personally devestated with each loss. She kinda fell off the wagon by killing all those people in kings landing though soooo we shall see. The battle at winterfell was literally a movie I would watch it again but I need a QLED that says whatever about seeing “true blacks” becuase that is essentially the entire episode. Im pretty pleased with the season even though its gotten some hate. Cersi could have gone with dying under those rocks alone or just dragon fire would have been cool but she was scared and didn’t want to die right before she did so that was enough for me. I am a little sad that Jamie died with her though. I thought we were getting somewhere with him.