Believing in yourself is enough

Every single day I Struggle with the idea of how I’m going to make it to the next step, how am I going to acheive my dreams when where I’m at right now feels a million miles away from it. I get overwhelemed with the fear of failure, of being just another girl who’s dreams stayed dreams.

I have to constantly remind myself that If I don’t believe in myself nothing will come into frutation, how can anyone else believe in me if I don’t? But even in those moments, I know jesus is right there with me beleiving in me more than I ever can. When you think about it, there is not a single soul on this earth not even the most powerful person you can think of can do even a fraction of what jesus can do for you if you just give him faith as small as a grain of sand. We have the man who can do anything, I mean this guy can do things for you that you haven’t even thought of doing. Things you didn’t even know you wanted will be given to you if you just beleive in him. So when I think of how impossible it feels to get to where I want to be I just remember that the one who literally created the stars in the sky and the fish in the water with a single thought can do it for me and so much more. I’m not limited to what I can think of becuase he knows before I think it. He knows me better than I know myself. So when I say I will reach my goals, I will make my daydreams a reality, I will do more than I have even thought of in the name of jesus, oh I mean it. I don’t care how many eye rolls Or scoffs I get when I say it becuase what you think is not going to do anything to stop it, what other people think is not even half a grain of sand of importance when you have jesus on your side. No one can stop you no one can curse you.

I’ve been told by people I love that what I’m striving for in life is nothing but a hobby, that it’s unrealistic. And while it’s never easy to hear someone you care about try to knock you down (intentionally or not) I remember That I have the most powerful being on my side, the one who will make my impossible possible. And that is something I will never let go of.


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