the nasty ass government we call america.

The American government is one of the most disgusting a vile things I have ever seen. How on earth have these people gotten this much power? I see some new argument about a bill or a comment made in politics every day on social media. I am constantly being shocked by the things that I hear and see.

I have two topics that can engage me: the government and the environment. Both are beyond fucked up becuase of the people in charge. These people (mostly men) are literally making life changing choices for americans across the country every day and these choices are made IN SECONDS. Without any hesitation or second thought. I saw this video on twitter about the Alabama senate making a descion about abortions being a felony with lifetime sentaces WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. This MAN made a choice for WOMEN and did not even give them the decency for a full vote. Fuck this guy and Fuck all the guys that stood behind him becuase you have to be on another level of STUPID to make such choices about the opposite gender like do you have a uterus? do you want to get raped and carry that child for 9 months? do you want to give up your life, career and body for a baby that could be put in the system? FUCK YOU.

I have never been so ashamed to be an American than I am right now. This is supposed to be the land of the free. We became the united states of america becuase we wanted to be FREE to make our own choices and live our lives free of the rule of england. But look at us now. Turning our back on people who look at america as a place of refuge, a safe place to start new and good lives. Granted America was built on MURDER of the native americans. Its literally in the name NATIVE Americans but nasty ass racist want to keep saying “go back to your country” “this is our land” like ok sir SHUT THE FUCK UP becuase your nasty white ass is not even NATIVE your family tree consist of people who STOLE this land and RAPED AND MURDERED their way in and I’m not surprised that same blood runs in your veins from the way you live your life. So sit your ass down and read a history book becuase you sound DUMB.

The way the government is functioning today is a CRIME, they do nothing for the interest of the people. Do you know the words the president must say when being sworn in?

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

May I remind you that the same person who said these words also put a muslim ban SEVEN DAYS after being sworn in? This dude was in the oval office for no more than a WEEK when he signed the bill to refuse entrance to human beings and refused to house any syrian refugees indefinitely. Bitch, america is the land BUILT on refugees and immigrants. The first lady is an immigrant legal or ilegal she is and always will be an immigrant becuase she migrated to this country thats how immigration works. Migration: The movement from one region to another. America shouldn’t be so hard to get into after all that murder and rape that was done to get it in the first place.

This country will never be great until we kick that roach in the oval out and fumigate the entire system, down every alley, every canal, every twist and turn, down the bones. We need people who actually genuinley care for the well being the people in charge. People who don’t look at their pockets every five minutes to make sure they’re full. The people in charge need to be the people. Not some celebrity from a tv show and not some political man who thinks he can make choices about a womens body. The government was made for the people by the people and we shouldn’t let these nasty ass rich rasict men get anywhere near it.


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