How my entire perspective on relationships changed with 1 youtube video

I grew up in a christian household, and a big part of what I would learn growing up was my relationships with other people. Im still young and for a lot of young people they don’t take religion too seriously, it’s something that they may believe in but not really put it into practice. The way I should have been appraching relationships was far from what I was actually doing even though I knew more or less what was right and what was wrong.

I know everyone has been with someone that turned into a lesson, someone who definitly should not have been a part of your life for as long as they were. I had my moments of “Im gonna get it together” and then I would meet some lame ass guy who was really cute and then all of my commone sense would walk right out the door, ignoring the red flags that popped up every five minutes. Regardless of my mistakes, I got lucky and watched this video on youtube that changed everything quite early on in my life.

This is a multiple part series but just watching the first video made me rearrange my thought process on relationships. For me, getting into something with someone isn’t just “for fun” “just becuase” or to “get experiance” a relationship is trial period for marriage. A date is an interview for a relationship. These stages have meaning and purpose, they should be treated with more importance. It’s a very well known thing In todays world that boys treat girls with disrespect and vice versa. Relationships have no value to them there is no respect or motivation to move forward with each other. I urge you to watch at least one of these videos becuase it will really change how you view the dating world.


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