My love for this movie is unmacthed

I could spend hours on hours on hours talking about fast and furious. People either love it or hate it and I get it, there are a lot of these movies and the more they make, the more it strays from the inital concept of the first movie: racing. I wouldn’t say “how could you not love it” becuase really, its understandable but I have been watching these movies for as long as I can remember…literally. I saw the fourth movie “fast and furious” on bootleg before I actually got to go see it in theaters becuase I was way too excited and I clearly remember holding this large popcorn looking up in crazy excitment as If It was my first time watching it. That was 10 years ago and I will still pre book my movie tickets to see a new one.

I was under 10 years old when I saw the very first movie and it was really michelle rodriguez as letty that got me HOOKED. I wanted everyone to call me letty and my mom actually put my name as “christine letty” for my contact name on her phone once. I would spend hours watching interviews and movies and videos of her all becuase I was obssesed with letty, which of course made be obssesed with her. I even once let my brother and my cousin rough me up so that I could become a “tomboy” like letty. This, I am not proud of but I thought this would get me closer to being just like her. I would always think about what would I do if I ever met Vin or Michelle…Im pretty sure I would cry, be speechless or just black out entirly and not remember any of it. I was and still am a HUGE Dom and Letty stan. So yes I signed one of the petitions to bring letty back when the writers thought they could get away with killing her off and I was indeed very sour faced about Dom and Elena being together after fast five but when letty returned AND got her memory back AND THEN to find out they got married?? You should have seen me in that theater chair curling up in a ball becuase I was so happy I literally did not know what to do with myself. Im just waiting for letty to have her own baby with him.

Still to this day if I hear someone talking about fast and furious my ears perk up and I get this crazy urge to jump in and start rambling but I consider myself a civil human being so I contain it. But oh my goodness mark my words one day I will come face to face with one of these guys and I will *I will also return to this very post and attach a picture to it.


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