why are people so dirty?

There are just as many dealbreakers (if not more) for friendships as there are for romantic relationships. Number one on both list is cleanliness. Could you imagine gettng to know someone and then you find out that they have a bathroom crawling with roaches? oh.my.goodness. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it brb im taking a shower.

Being dirty and being messy are two very different things. I am definitely not someone who will fold, hang and store immediatley every single time I use something but I do keep it clean. You know when you brush your teeth and the toothpaste falls in the sink but it sticks? Yeah thats dirty if you dont clean it up, if you do your makeup and powder falls on the counter and you just leave it there and go about your day, thats dirty. Don’t leave your panties on the floor with a pantiliner stuck to them because guess what? THATS DIRTY. Not messy, dirty. (and yes I have been unfortuante enough to witness this with my own eyes). When I was in middle school and went to sleep over a friends house and by the grace of god alone I made it out without food poisoning becuase I went in there and there were literally three dead roaches on the floor just chilling there, a roach in the bathroom and another in the bedroom. If you know me, you know im extremly squeemish around inscets of any kind, I still can’t believe I didn’t call my mom to pick me up (although I was texting her all about the details).

I got lucky enough to have a best friend that understands my level of cleanliness. She is just as clean and upholds others to the same standards. I will admit I will sometimes go overboard and be a little more anal about certian things but more or less we get each other, we don’t lay on our bed with our outside clothes on, we brush our teeth wash our face and take a full shower no matter how late we get home because club clothese are NOT touching our precious beds. The day I graduated I came home so drunk (god bless siarras heart for getting us home alive) I could not remeber a thing about getting into bed but I knew I had showered and brushed my teeth. I have taken it as far as taking a nap on the floor becuase I was too tired to shower so I could get in bed. Don’t look at me like that. This doesn’t happen all the time now, as I got older I began to loosen the grip and now I’ll lay on my bed only on the outermost layer of the bed like the big comforter or I could just pull out an extra blanket and throw it over before laying down.

I saw this picture on twitter and you could not pay me any amount to sit in this room, I think I might break into hives just looking at it.

WHY?? WHY IS THIS EVEN REAL? how..I ..Im speechless truly utterly at a loss for words. I would rather sleep on grass. On some freshly cut wet grass than spend one night on this mattress. Can you imagine what it smells like in there? see all those cigarette buds? Its like a deep musk mixed with literally every chemical known to man from those cigarettes. That whole house needs to be thrown away.

With that being said, If you can’t keep things clean, picked up or just generally put together you should really do some deep soul searching and get some help becuase this is unacceptable. And just as you would suspect I do indeed thrive at the container store, I love the cleaning aisle and new smelling laundry detergents get me excited but Im just a normal 20 year old, nothing to see here.


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