Summer Is coming, and the beach is getting whatever body I give it

Pussy Is Power, don’t you ever forget it.

Im sooooooo tired of this “beach body” goal everyone has, especially this time of year. SO many girls are wishing they had bodies that may not even be possible for their natural shape and for what? so they can look like some instgaram model? I have not heard a solid enough reason for girls to skip meals and only eat fruit for a week just so they can be “bikini ready”. That sounds like malnutrition if you ask me.

Last time I checked, bathing suits come in multiple sizes so trust me when I say, theres a bathing suit for you and its not going anywhere. Try this, Put your body into a bathing suit and..oh my god would you look at that? it’s a bikini body, a freaking body in a bikini I mean really, you can’t make this stuff up!

I know its easier said than done, and I’m no stranger to feeling like the body I’m in isn’t good enough but I’ve been a Small/Medium girl most of my life and I would still find myself hating certain things and wishing they were more like my cousin who is just naturally model skinny no matter what she ate but I on the other hand came out of the womb with a fat ass so you know my body was never built to be the typical model shape. The closest I ever got was junior year in high school where I dropped almost 20lbs within two months and you could literally see my hip bones without me sucking in or anything. Even in that moment, I wasn’t perfect but once I started gaining it back plus more I got thicker than I’ve ever been and Im not saying im triple my size (which would not be a big deal either) but I am definitly more comfortable in mediums and larges. And I love it. No it’s not perfect and Of course I would love some self improvement but I love my body 10x more than I have ever loved it before, strech marks and cellulite included. My body can literally create other people, my womb can join soul and body WOMEN ARE CRAZY AWESOME and the best part is that the shape of your body doesn’t take away your power to do that. So i’m taking my cute ass to the beach in whatever bikini I see fit and I’m not letting anyone make me feel like im not as powerful as I am just becuase of the body I’m in becuase my body is freaking awesome and it keeps me warm, comfy and if i feel like it, can provide me with a baby. what does your body do?


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