A Rant About the Idiots Destroying Our Planet

There is a certian rage that runs through me whenever I see an old rich whote man sign some paper that allows more destruction to our earth just so he can get another dollar. I have always felt a pull to helping the enviorment and the ocean, a need to make a difference in the world and how we treated it. I daydream about being the name splashed on headlines when they talk about who finally shut sea world down for good. I have to speak up for animals and the planet, they don’t have a voice but they have us to do it for them. Luckliy the enviorment is getting more coverage in the media lately but I know I want to do big impactful things to the world like change all fishing practices into more sustanible solutions, set up sanctuaries for animals who need our help in order to live. I need to help put a stop to the killing of our coral reefs, and even set up an orginization that can constantly clean our oceans from all the crap we’ve put in it.

There are so many issues with the world that can be reversed if we would have leadership that stopped caring about money all the time and actually looked at the planet they live on. How the hell is money going to give you a planet to live on and oxygen to breathe? These people pay millions to live in a neigborhood that looks perfectly manicured with perfect trees and clean roads but they throw trash out of the car window because they are too lazy to wait for a trash can. Humans have repeatedly shown their unworthiness of this amazing planet and you need to be set straight. All these people who are trying to do good for the earth are constantly overshadowed by the disgusting humans destroying this place. You catch sharks to cut their fin off and throw them back just so you can have some dumbass shark fin soup, screw that you asshole. You hunt animals FOR FUN? So you can have it up on your wall and take a picture, you think you look cool? You think you look strong and are somehow skilled because you aimed good? You know what you are actually good at is looking like a complete douchebag and an idiot. It’s not cool to trash this place, to hunt the animals that are endangered or to wear some cool designer bag made out of “calf skin” because it looks nice. You’re disgusting. Why don’t you go to the farm and kill the baby cow yourself, rip them from their mother and skin it, then treat it to make it some pretty color and sew that bitch on with some chain and sling it around your shoulder I bet you’ll feel so good with that dead animal rubbing aganist your skin.

I would also like to know why we are drilling into our earth to suck oil out of it..? I will admit I’m not educated enough about the topic of oil drilling but I know its no good for our oceans. I know that wind energy, solar energy and the sheer power of the waves in the ocean contain so much energy to be harvested but why are we not using it? why are we risking lives of people with families on oil rigs when we can use the sun that rises EVERY SINGLE DAY, I mean its always there is it not? The ocean will always have waves, if there is a moon there are waves so why not use that power? Why not use the power of the WIND I mean its like the most simple idea and we can’t use our all mighty powerful fucking brain to harness that?? WHY HAVE A BRAIN AT ALL IF WE ARE NOT USING IT. The brain has billions, trillions of little connections, sparks, literal energy inside of each and every skull and no one has figured out how to use that brain to harvest the power for our everyday life. People are our here running their entire house plus their tesla on solar panels alone, they dont pay a dime for electricity. I’m speechless at the stupidity I see every single day. It’s not even lack of intelligence its a lack of respect for the one thing that gives every single human life. I know electric cars are reletivley new and we need oil for gas but lets expedite this thing, we have the technology to make these cars widely avalible, we should shift our focus and put more money into things that will reduce our carbon footprint.

The earth can heal herself, there are parts of the world that were placed under protection and they almost immediatley healed without the interferance of humans. We need to step back, leave her alone and she will come back stronger than ever if we could learn how to find a balance between survial and destruction.


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