Why you shouldn’t weed shame your friends

It’s the day of “the grass” “the green” “the gas” whatever you wanna call it. I have no idea why this day even exists but for some people it is marked on their calendar as a very important day…to get the highest they possibly can.

I’m not against people smoking weed, I’m not even bothered by people who are high around me (for the most part) becuase usually people who smoke that often don’t even seem like they’re high and will go about their day like normal. The only problem I have with weed is when it has to do with entering my own body. Edibles, Papers, Blunts, or even Bongs I don’t care how it’s presented, I don’t like nor want it. Unfortunatley some people really can’t seem to wrap thier head around why I wouldnt want to be high, and those people are usually the ones who push the hardest to smoke becuase they feel like life is too hard to take one without being high boo hoo.

In reality, I’m no stranger to getting high. I’ve been there done that and I used to do it very often when I was in high school, granted I wasn’t in the best emotional place when I choose to participate but as I got older and more aware of the effects I knew I hated the way I felt when I was high. I hated feeling like I wasn’t aware of my surroundings and my head being foggy all the time, I couldn’t focus on anything and one time I literally set my friends hair on fire trying to light a bowl (sorry bri). I knew I was acting like an idiot in front of people and I’m an avid overthinker so when I was in a state of not being able to think straight I would freak out. But this is not saying that everyone who smokes acts like an idiot, becuase some people are lucky enough to know how to control themselves and act like a normally functioning human in public (somewhere I hated being when I was high). I also got really interested in the health of our planet and enviorment which led me to be more aware of my own health and what I wanted to put into my body. In the bible it says that our bodies are temples, god temple so why would I want to tarnish it with drugs?

Basically, there are many many reasons someone may not want to smoke and it is way more appreciated when someone respects your choice and does not push you on it even if they don’t understand it themselves. I’m lucky enough to have friends that respect my choice not to join them but I’m still there with them enjoying their company. You feel so much better about your choice when you know you were not pressured into something you didn’t really wanna do in the first place. So respect your friends choices or even your own when they decide that they don’t want to partake. Everyone has the freedom to choose their lifestyle so lets respect it as you would want them to do for you.


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