Giving Gluten and Dairy the Axe

I ate what I wanted when I wanted and however much I wanted. I was born blessed enough to say I had no allergies, dietary restrictions, or intolerances. So when my doctor told me my tyroid came back a little wanky I basically freaked out and cut two things I knew were issues in an american diet the next day. I’m no stranger to a tyroid problem because my own mother has been on medication for her sluggish tyroid for as long as I can remember and my brother had a questionable tyroid too. So I basically said “that could never happen to me” and I was humbled very quickly. I don’t need to be on medication or anything like that my doctors are really just keeping an eye on mine but I knew the only way I was truly going to change my diet was If a doctor told me I had to and mine didnt even say anything about my diet but she scared me enough to push me into a lifestyle change.

Day 2: No Dairy No Gluten

I thought with a diet change I would be hungry all the time but fortunately A lot of the things I ate before were already gluten and dairy free I just had to tweak it a bit. I’ve already made my own chipotle bowl at home which I could argue rivals chipotle at thier own game, and I went out in search of some gluten free versions of my favorite snacks. Pringles for instances have quite the interesting texture without gluten but if you eat enough of them they get good. Gluten free pancakes taste better with chocolate chips (dairy free of course) than without them, and sweet lorens gluten free dairy free (literally everything free) cookies found in the cookie dough section are SO GOOD I was worried they actually had all the things they said they didn’t. They look super questionable coming out of the pack and are not nearly as oily as a regualr ready to bake pack of pillsbury so theres a plus. I put them in the oven and was worried they were going to be disgusting becuase I mean gluten AND dairy free cookies? theres no way they were going to be better than “ok” but once they come out you must let them cool for 5 minutes beciase they are still lookin funky but then they get so perfectly soft and chewy (just like the package said) and if you wrap them up and leave them on the counter they will still be just as soft and chewy as they were before! 10/10 I would buy these even if I wasn’t purposly eating clean.

Day 7: Possibly Dairy No Gluten..?

I feel like I somehow consumed dairy in these chicken wings even though they were not breaded you never really know. I also think this is just me being paranoid. I get scared when I eat something that is not specifically labeled as dairy free or gluten free. Lays for example are not labeled gluten free or dairy free but they are potatos…how could there be dairy? Gluten maybe but dairy? no way. Although….you never really know. I have not had lays since I started this journey but I did buy some avocado oil kettle cooked chips that were labeled gluten free (assuming they are also dairy free) and they taste exactly the same so im thinking..lays must be right? This is for knowledge ourposes only as lays are produced with genetic engerneering so I don’t want any part of that regardless of my diet.

I’m beginning to try and compromise with myself and making myself pick between dairy and gluten. While this diet isn’t “hard” it requires me to be very aware of what food contain what, which is good but also tedious. This could lead to me being a better version of myself though like someone who cares about what they consume and while I won’t ever be a vegan hippie I can be into this sustainably aware lifesytyle. There are plenty of gluten free options as well as dairy free but it’s hard to find products that are both. I think dairy will for sure be completley cut out but I may give myself a tiny bit more flexibility with gluten.

Day 14: I had gluten. and dairy.

I had one Dorito chip and three tortillas because there was no way I was going to have tacos with a gluten free tortilla. have you ever had gluten free tortillas? they actually make my stomach hurt.

Final thoughts

It’s not hard to eat this way. I don’t feel like im on a “diet” or that i’m missing out on all my favorite foods. I was actually surprised to find how many foods I eat on a normal basis don’t have gluten to begin with, I just cut out a lot of proccessed foods. Dairy was my main issue becuase it hides in foods, a lot of sauces and batters will have dairy so it’s important to know every piece of your meal and don’t be afraid to ask if you can’t figure it out yourself.


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