Yes you can get that jean bleed out of your favorite shirt (or hoodie) (or literally anything else you love)

Putting it out into the universe: Oxi Clean will sponser me one day becuase I stan a mircle product. Oxi Clean passed the stress test.

I should have known better, why must I be so reckless in the laundry room? I decided that putting all my clothes into one big load would be no big deal, and in my defense this wasn’t the first time I did this so I thought “It’s been working just fine all this time so why would now be any different?”…… I was wrong. A pair of dark jeans made thier way into this load of laundry and the result was a horrific tragedy.

My baby pink hoodie (which was limited edition) got absoulutley obilerated by these jeans and I thought my whole life that once something got bleed on in the washer it was over for that piece of clothing. Especially if you already dried it which lucky for me, is exactly what I did 🙂 I did some old fashioned internet searching and found out that if I just soak it in some oxygenated bleach aka “oxi clean” the stain would lift but It had to soak for 8 HOURS. I had no choice but to try it out so I did and by the grace of god himself 6 hours later the stain was gone.dissapeared. It was literally like nothing ever happend. I have now added oxi clean to the permanet lineup in the laundry room. This makes my clothes feel and smell so much cleaner, I really don’t know how something could feel cleaner than right after its been washed but oxi clean really takes it there.

I didn’t think to take any pictures of my process for getting the stain out but fourtuantley I got another shirt bled on in the washer!! woooo. (this is super sarcastic I hope you caught that) side note: From this day forward I am a strict laundry sorter darks.colors.whites. no exceptions. just call me the laundry police. Anyways, this time around I can show you first hand whats going on.

Hopefully you can catch at least a little of what I’m looking at, the white stripes are stained with something thst bled and im fully investigating what it was becuase I know it wasn’t the usual culprit: jeans. According to the packaging, oxi clean wants you to fill a bucket with warm to hot water by the gallon. For the hoodie I used about three gallons in a big bucket and for this shirt I’ll just use one gallon. You give it one scoop between the 2/4 lines on the scooper per gallon so my hoodie took three scoops and this time I scooped once. (side note: I have never used the liquid version so I reccomend the powdered version, it seems more concentrated so try the liquid at your own discretion.)

You can’t really see the numbers but this is right between 2 and 3 so said simply, half a scoop. You want to dissolve the oxi clean in the water before putting the clothes in there so mix it around for a minute or two and make sure theres no more grains left. Throw it in there and try to completely submerge it, you don’t want to have half the shirt clean and the other half still stained. I put a bowl and a pan for some weight on my hoodie. Lets be thankful I didnt get a picture of that mess.

Let it sit for a couple hours and then come back to check on it.

I made sure I couldnt see any stains before I threw it in the wash. I wring it out, and put it on a 15 minute speed wash cycle, I use method’s laundry detergent in ginger mango which is also a stain fighting formula for some extra boost (not that oxi clean needs it) but the scent is amazing. Let it dry and there you go its good as new. I really hope you can see what a difference there is. Those lines are SHARP clean and bright. Oxi clean will never not be in my laundry room.


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