Music Spotlight: Harbour Drive


I know a guy who knows a guy and that guy is in a band and they are actually good! I think knowing someone in a band is something I only ever thought I’d see in TV and movies but here I am, living the dream. This feels like a college right of passage and I’m feeling pretty college-y. While I was very skeptical about going to his show because of my cronic fear of being around many strangers, I pushed myself to try new things and guess what? I actually loved it! Mattias who was performing as New Port at the time surprised me by creating an atmosphere with his music that allowed me to enjoy myself freely. I genuinely enjoy this music and even went to download it on apple music. Now with the offical rebranding, New Port turned into Harbour Drive and here we are. Lets get started shall we?

Harbour Drive consist of three artist: Mattias, the rhythym guitarist and vocalist; Josh the drummer and Nick the lead guitarist. (I purposly put the drummer in the middle becuase drummers need more love man, they do a lot). As of right now, Harbour Drive is working on thier first EP and if you ask me I think its gonna be “un bop”. I didn’t think I would be into this genre of music but theres something about music from unsigned Artist/Bands that feels a little more genuine, or raw. There’s no guideline they have to follow or expectations to meet except for thier own which assures you that the love and passion thats in this music is purley from them and the way life makes them feel. One of my favorite songs that Harbour Drive performs is “My Sweet Love” which is getting done AGAIN for the EP so if you see it on my heavy rotation mind your buisness. Although lately I’ve been on “suzy” and while I could listen to sweet love everyday, suzy has a bouncy vibe to it which if you didn’t already know is my go to thing in music. If I made music myself all my songs would be a groovey, swingy type of vibe. And I’m really gonna need someone to make that a genre of it’s own.

Speaking of those who make their own music they also get to make their own cover and..THIS COVER YOU GUYS

When I found out about the cover of this single you guys.. I was l.i.v.i.n.g. I would be honored to have affected someone so deeply they made music about me but bucko you know I’d lose it if my ex put me on the cover! what an honor it would be..and while yes your eyes may have been barred out you my friend are still on that cover which means that’s for you sis. You put the emotion in someone to actually create a piece of art. For this you are thanked..whoever you are, becuase while I know who this girl was I don’t actually know who she is so yeah we’re done with that. It’s A great cover and I truly encourage more people to put thier exes on the cover of songs they inspired. (side note: This cover looks sick in my library and It’s very much appreciated for my aestetic)

The Music writing process between the group is between Nick and Mattias. One will write the lyrics and other the music and then they might switch off for a different song. As far as New Port’s music goes, everything was on Mattias as it was the first real dive he took into the music making world before Nick and Josh joined him. It takes a certian kind of determination and passion for this type of thing becuase have you ever tried to write a song? then the music to accompny it? I cant even make a consistant beat in my head let alone figure out the software to put that into a computer. There is a lot of brain power behind creating music that I literally cannot focus enough to even comprehend.

Left to right: Nick, Josh & Mattias

As far as the vibe at the shows I’ve been to it’s very free and full of love. I know that might be a strange way to describe something like this becuase it’s not a music festival or anything but you can really feel the love from those who come to support them. Even the other bands who perform before or after Harbour Drive are right there singing along to the songs and showing their support. More specifcally, a group of boys from Gainesville who go especially hard for Harbour Drive’s performances. My Favoritve show to date they had was actually the very first one I went to. It was at a small coffee shop and with two other bands playing before them and the place was packed with supporters. Having a loyal and extremly supportive group of people around you is such a great and needed feeling. Harbour Drive has these guys singing every word to thier songs and they do it with a passion and enthusiasum that’s hard to find within many friend groups.

They even jump on stage with him. as you can see below.

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