Making the Transition to A more Eco- Friendly Lifestyle

If You didn’t know, my favorite animals on this planet are sea turtles and if they all die I’m going to be super pissed. Nothing gets me more riled up than seeing a beautiful ocean covered in plastic garbage. How dare we as humans treat this earth like it’s our personal garbage can? We don’t deserve a lot of things for the simple fact that humans are greedy, entitled and destroy everything in their path for thier own gain but one thing that I know we will never live up to deserve is this amazing planet we get to call our home even if some don’t treat it like one.

You will spend more time making your house look clean and tidy than you would our earth. I’m not perfect and yes I have lived a probably extremly wasteful life but now I know better. Im grateful that at 20, I caught myself and choose to change my ways for the better. Here are my top 5 easy changes you can make to transition into a less wasteful life.

  • Switch to reusable metal or glass straws
  • Use reusable shopping/produce bags at the grocery store
  • Buy a reusable water bottle
  • Invest in a water flosser to skip on traditional floss string
  • Use cloth kitchen towels instead of paper towels


Switching to metal/ glass straws was one of the simplest choices I made that I knew was going to make a huge difference. I do my best in trying to keep what I do outside of my home eco friendly but one day I went to get a smoothie with my mom and my mood shot down when I realized I had to use a traditional plastic straw, Im not even being dramatic I was very upset. Five minutes later I ordered these bad boys and all was well again. I keep a couple stashed in my purse so I’m never caught off gaurd.

Shopping/Produce bags

I kind of pushed my mom into this one, I had already transitioned our shopping trips to paper bags and I told myself that recycling the bags were better than using plastic which I still beleive is true but I always wanted to use reusable even when I was younger, I thought they looked so cool. We got tired of the paper bags because they got heavy quickly and they were hard to carry without any handles. Finally the day came when I had enough so I grabbed some reusable bags and im not even being dramatic when I say they changed my food shopping game forever. A full shopping trip will use MAX 4 bags in what used to be 15 plastic bags. They have long enough straps where you can carry them on your shoulder so my one trip from the car to the front door is unbeatable. I will never go back. Produce bags have been a project I’ve been working on for months on end. looking high and low for produce bags that would work for me and with the endless choices all over the internet I found some that are perfect. I feel so much better knowing I don’t need to use those pointless bags. I had already started skipping on the bags and leaving my produce loose in the cart but my mom doesn’t roll that way so we got these to please both of us.

Water bottles

This seems like an easy and obvious choice for someone looking to be more eco conscious. If you are picky about the way your water taste you can always add fruit or get a brita water pitcher and refill from there.(I got a brita water bottle which has its own little filter in it and its the best thing ever.) I personally am not a fan of the water that comes out of my fridge, filtered or not so the filter in my bottle calms my paranoia. I suggest you take your time and browse through water bottles and pick a water bottle you really love, one that gets you excited to use. I used to buy smart water bottles religiously mostly because of the sport cap they came with but I knew that no matter how many of them I recycled I wasn’t doing everything I could. So enter my brita water bottle which has a straw like attactment so I still get the sports cap feel. You can obviously find water bottles anywhere but heres the one I have

Water flosser

I switched to a water flosser not too long ago and I VERY highly recommend it! I definitley was not flossing every night becuase it was tedious and annoying but I’ve been using the water flosser every single night and I feel like my teeth are super clean after. You can definitly get into those deep ridges that the dentist makes you feel like only he can clean.They have plenty of different varities to fit your style and budget but the one I got is right here

Kitchen Towels

I know kitchen towels are not a new invention but for me, it wasn’t something I grew up using the way I use them now. This is not only saving you from being wasteful but it saves so much money! I used paper towels for everything like wiping up even the smallest spill, drying my hands and even drying a dish if I had to. This adds up VERY quickly. Buy a pack or two like these super cute ones from target and put it by the stove or the sink so you don’t forget you have them. Instead of reaching for the paper towels to dry your hands you can use the towels just like you would in the bathroom. Even small spills can be cleaned up with the towel, just toss it in the washer and use it again.


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