Loving is weird

I, Christine Marie Castillo am in NO position to talk about love, being in love or even falling in love for that matter but…here I am. I’m talking about real deal love not that little thing you thought was love when you were 15, I simply want to express my confusion and amazement to those who are all wrapped up in the real thing. I mean when it comes to my own love life, It’s…..laughable but i’m not a bitter single I’m a “enjoying it while it last” single which is the only kind there should be, all the other ones need to go somewhere far far away.

Anyways! I was thinking about this and no I wasn’t born yesterday so I know this is very obvious but if you really think about it, isn’t it interesting that there could be someone, anywhere on this planet that you know literally nothing about, and I’m talking about you dont even know their first name type of thing, and one day this complete and utter stranger could just become one of the most important people in your life if you got to know them. Okay maybe its not making sense yet so let me put it this way instead, you go out and that random person who held the door open for you or was standing in front of you while you were in line for coffee (these are super clique “meet-cutes” but you get the point) That rando, could potentially be THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE and you don’t even have a clue, you cute little clueless bird.

This is obviously how life works I’m not an idiot but is it not the weirdest thing? You just spend some time with them and figure out what thier prefrences are in life and if you can dig it then you guys are all like “omg I wanna get married and spend forever and ever with you. Usually there is 2 years of dating before an engagemnet and while I am an advocate for doing things in a timely manner 2 years is not a lot of time, do you know how many mental breakdown haircuts I’ve gone through in two years? I am a hard stan for engagments and weddings but if you think too hard about the it, things can get super weird.

It does of course have to start somewhere, you dont just see someone and think “hey they got a great personality,I am attracted to them so let me get to know them.” There is physical attraction that needs to occur first and I am of course no stranger (no pun intended) to the instant crush you get on someone while riding the train or walking down the street and then you just sit there trying to hold in the heartache when you realize that you will propbably never see them again..unless you know its meant to be or whatever but thats a different conversation for a different day.

I’m of course surrounded by people in love all the time becuase so naturally, as you get older you meet strangers and get to know them, then fall in love and that cycle could go on a couple of times before one sticks but you know its pretty much a never ending thing when your family is spanish and by spanish I mean big, large, expanded, plentiful, not lacking of people..get it? My cousin for instance (featured in all these photos with her boyfriend) is so love its almost sickening but it’s nice to see a couple in college not dealing with crazy trust issues becuase thats the usual in college and im sick of seeing it but they’re doing great as you can see. Basically, someone is always in love, falling in love or falling out of it but regardless it’s there, everywhere. So I got to see it from many, many different lenses.

People are weird, they have weird habits, fetishes, preferences, taste and opinions. All it comes down to is wheter or not you are willing to live with what that person brings to your life. Are you willing to deal with someone who leaves the toilet seat up all the time? How about someone who loves and I mean LOVES pineapple on pizza? (This is such an unholy prefrence I may just make an entire post dedicated to it, still debating.) I however am single and maybe thats becuase I just havent met some interesting enough to keep me intrigued for more than a week or maybe it is becuase they like pineapple on pizza I guess we’ll never know.

I will not ever blame myself for being bored with every guy that comes along and wont ever lower my standards even when people tell me that the reason im single is because I have standards too high, I hope that if you, my dear reader feel like your standards are whats keeping you from being with someone I’m here to let you know that nah, you’re good.


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